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Our Group of Companies Omega Logistics manufactures and distributes food products in Ukraine. We have been operating in the food product market since 1997 and have passed all the stages of formation: from direct sales to manufacturing and distribution.


Our Team

Omega Logistics Company was founded on July 15, 1997 as a wholesale and distribution company in the food product market.

In 1999, the company becomes a strategic partner of several brands widely known in the Ukrainian market.

Since 2005, the company has opened 5 branches in major cities of Ukraine.

Since 2007, the personnel company has grown up to 35 people successfully serving over 1,500 clients in Ukraine.


In 2014, we created and registered our own food product trademark “FOOD MARKET” and launched production of a wide range of products under TM “FOOD MARKET”.


Having achieved success and gained experienced in distribution and manufacturing of food products, understanding all importance and potential of the market in the context of energy saving and onrush of information technologies, the company’s management has set the following objectives:

Companys objectives for 2015-2016


  1. Launching and development of a new distribution and sales stream in the field of information technologies and creation of 5 additional workplaces.
  2. Launching and development of a new distribution and turnkey service stream in the field of energy saving and и creation of 8 additional workplaces.
  3. Launching and development of a new distribution and sales stream in the field of home electronics and creation of 3 additional workplaces.


We are thrilled with long-term and stable relations with your Company, and in order to create and maintain such relations, we are ready on our part to use all our stored knowledge and 18-year experience of successful work in the field of distribution and sales.


Reliable partners are the best guarantee of stable income!


Looking forward to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation!



Owners of ТМ “FoodMarket”

А. Ratynskyi

A. Martynenko


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